Championship Weekend

7th, 8th, 7/8 Combo
Oct 27th: Championship

at RRL (Rockton)

               Higher Seed   vs    Lower Seed   

7th        - North Boone vs RRL Chiefs  @  10:00 am

Combo - Harvard vs Big Foot                @  12:00 pm

8th       - St Mary vs Hampshire             @   2:00 pm

Championship Weekend

Welcome to the Northern Illinois Football Conference

Oct 27: Championship

at DuPec

                   Higher Seed   vs    Lower Seed   

Fly -  DuPec vs NBJT                   @    12:00pm

Ltwt - RRL vs St Mary's                @     2:00pm

Mid - DuPec vs Belv North           @     4:00pm

Hvy - Hampshire vs DuPec           @     6:00pm