Welcome to the Northern Illinois Football Conference

Fly-Heavy    Oct 20th

At RRL (Rockton)  1 vs 4 Seed

             (Home)             (Away)

Fly  - DuPec 37 vs Burlington 0      @  9:30am

Ltwt - RRL 6 vs Carlson  0              @ 11:30am

Mid - DuPec 19 vs SYFL 12           @  1:30pm

Hvy - Hampshire 33 vs GK 6          @   3:30pm

At Genoa2 vs 3 Seed

              (Home)             (Away)

Fly    - NBJT 27 vs RRL Chiefs 0         @   9:30am

Ltwt  - Belv North 0 vs St Mary 26       @  11:30am

Mid   - Belv North 14 vs NBJT 13         @   1:30pm

Hvy  - DuPec 19 vs Burlington 2           @   3:30pm


* Special notes:

7th Grade Standings:
The standings are completed using a computer generated report. It does not account for every situation, and does not with 100% accuracy account for certain situations like this one and 3 way ties (where team A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A.)

  • All 7th grade teams played each other.
  • At a special meeting in February in Harvard with Head Reps from every organization that had 7th and 8th grade teams, all 7th grade teams agreed they would be scheduled 4 conference games and given the opportunity arrange their own games outside the conference, or to have the NIFC schedule additional 'non-conference' games. (repeat games or combo teams)
  • North Boone took the opportunity to  schedule games outside the conference.
  • North Boone played all 4 conference games and 4 non-conference games.
  • North Boone was 4-0 in conference play.
  • RRL Chiefs were 3-1 in conference play.
  • Head to Head competition is used in the formula to determine seedings, just like Wins and Points are, and is the deciding factor.
  • Per Article VIII, Section 3: Determination of Championship Participants...

    The following shall be used to determine Championship participants:

         Conference record
         Head to head record
         Conference Points (19/Jul/2007)
         Flip of a coin by Championship Committee

7th, 8th, 7/8 Combo     Oct 20th

At Big Foot

                     (Home)             (Away)

7th Grade* -  North Boone 30 vs Marengo 0      @   9:00am
7th Grade* -  RRL Chiefs 26 vs RRL Hawks 6  @ 11:00 am

8th Grade** -   St Mary 40 vs RRL 0                         @  1:00 pm

8th Grade** -  Hampshire 32 vs Marengo 12     @  3:00 pm

Combo -        Big Foot 32 vs St Mar 0                @  5:00 pm

* See below

** Required coin toss.