Welcome to the Northern Illinois Football Conference

7th, 8th, 7/8 Combo     Oct 21st

At Rockton Athletic Fields

12801 Old River Road, Rockton, IL

                     (Home)             (Away)

7th Grade -  RRL vs Marengo            @  9:30am
Combo -      Harvard vs St Ed's          @ 11:30am
Combo -      Big Foot vs SYFL            @  1:30pm
8th Grade -  RRL Gold vs St Mary's    @  3:30pm

8th Grade -  RRL Purple vs Marengo  @  5:30pm

These are under review for approval of seedings.

8th Grade: St Mary's and RRL Gold played each other twice. St Mary's won the first game and RRL Gold won the second game.


Fly-Heavy    Oct 21st

At Genoa  1 vs 4 Seed

             (Home)             (Away)

Fly -  DuPec vs Dakota                @  9:30am

Ltwt - RRL Hawks vs Belv North  @ 11:30am

Mid - RRL Hawks vs Hampshire  @  1:30pm

Hvy - DuPec vs RRL Hawks        @   3:30pm

At DuPec2 vs 3 Seed

              (Home)             (Away)

Fly -   St Mary's vs RRLHawks               @   9:30am

Ltwt - SYFL vs DuPec                            @  11:30am

Mid - DuPec  vs GK Broncos                 @   1:30pm

Hvy - RRL Chiefs  vs  Belv North Blue   @   3:30pm

These seedings have been updated. Note: Heavyweight had a 3 way tie for first place. All three teams played each other, but no clear head-to-head winner.Therefore, 1st place came down to Conference Points. 2nd and 3rd Place is determined by head-to-head.