Welcome to the Northern Illinois Football Conference



7th, 8th, Combo


2019 Standings


Congratulations to St. Mary's for winning the coin toss to take the 4th seed.


There was a 3 way tie for 2nd, 3rd and 4th seed.  We drew cards to see who seeds where.

 RRL seed 2

Genoa seed 3

N. Boone seed 4

The NIFC Excutive Board has decided, in week 3, to give every 7th,8th, and combo team a chance to participate in playoffs.

The NIFC has a 4 team playoff system.
North Boon Middle School, the only true 7th and 8th grade team in the conference, had agreed to combo their teams for the playoffs.

With a couple teams that only have 5 in conference games, the board decided to go with a percentage system.

St. Mary's  7-0   100%  Seed 1
N.B.M.S. 3-2  60%   Combined 7th and 8th grade records  Seed 2
Marengo 4-3 57%  Seed 3
Harvard  2-5 28% Harvard has the head to head win vs. Johnsburg  Seed 4
Johnsburg 2-5 28%
Big Foot 1-4 20%