Welcome to the Northern Illinois Football Conference

There was a 3 way tie for 2nd, 3rd and 4th seed.  We drew cards to see who seeds where.

 RRL seed 2

Genoa seed 3

N. Boone seed 4


2019 Standings

Congratulations to St. Mary's for winning the coin toss to take the 4th seed.


The NIFC Excutive Board has decided, in week 3, to give every 7th,8th, and combo team a chance to participate in playoffs.

The NIFC has a 4 team playoff system.
North Boon Middle School, the only true 7th and 8th grade team in the conference, had agreed to combo their teams for the playoffs.

With a couple teams that only have 5 in conference games, the board decided to go with a percentage system.

St. Mary's  7-0   100%  Seed 1
N.B.M.S. 3-2  60%   Combined 7th and 8th grade records  Seed 2
Marengo 4-3 57%  Seed 3
Harvard  2-5 28% Harvard has the head to head win vs. Johnsburg  Seed 4
Johnsburg 2-5 28%
Big Foot 1-4 20%



7th, 8th, Combo