Welcome to the Northern Illinois Football Conference


2016 NIFC Teams / Organizations

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                            SYFL Spartans                                                        Du-Pec Hornets                                                        Thunder 
                            Sycamore, IL                                                           Durand - Pecatonica, IL                                             Belvidere, IL


                           GK Broncos                                                               Indians                                                                      KenRock Bengals
                           Genoa - Kingston, IL                                                 Dakota, IL                                                                  Rockford, IL

                           RRL Jr Indians                                                           NBJT Vikings                                                             Carlson Huskies
                           Roscoe - Rockton, IL                                                 North Boone, IL                                                         Machesney Park, IL

                           St. Marys' Fighting Irish                                                Wolves                                                                Specialty Screw  
                           Woodstock, IL                                                              Big Foot, WI                                                         Rockford, IL                                                           

                           Harvard Stingers                                                      Indians                                                                      Wildcats
                           Harvard, IL                                                               Marengo, IL                                                               Hampshire, IL


                                 St Edwards